My Personal FAQ

  • With Amplify and continuous deployment, how do git push and amplify push relate?
    • Tentative answer: It seems like you need to use both. git alone for code changes, both git and amplify for AWS configuration changes. When doing a configuration change that requires amplify, use amplify push first, then git push.
  • With Amplify CLI, in what order should categories be added?
    • Add Function category resources after resources that you might want them to access, so that the functions can be automatically granted access to chosen resources.
    • Add Api after the functions it calls are created, or if creating them as part of creating the Api, see above.
    • Add Hosting very last. After a minimially viable deployment is ready in github, if you plan to use continuous deployment.
  • When choosing a “friendly name” for a resource in Amplify CLI, be aware, the name is global to the account, not just local to a CloudFormation stack.
  • The Amplify Libraries for JavaScript make front-end interactions with AWS a lot easier.